Ongoing world war: Unexpected developments among fifth columns in Russia and the hypothesis of war developments in Latin America

Venezuela’s recent territorial claims towards the western region of Guyana require serious reflection on the developments of the ongoing world war (because this is what we have tried to clarify, in every way, on this blog) and on the possible outcomes of the same. Such a move must be interpreted as an asymmetric response to that of the Anglo-Saxon empire aimed at fomenting fifth columns within the Russian territorial space (with acts of sabotage, even in the remote areas of the Urals and the central regions of Siberia where, it is known , an important part of Russian war production is concentrated) ? Given that this move threatens US economic interests (given the mineral wealth of the territories claimed by Caracas) and is therefore aimed at weakening Washington’s interests in the region, it must be said that it represents above all an attempt by Moscow (and Beijing ) to open another massive war front and further disperse the army of the Anglo-Saxon empire, bogging it down in a new crisis with implications that are not exactly easy to predict. Also considering the fact that the Venezuelan initiative appears to have been supported by Brasilia which has already, together with Caracas, massed troops along the border with southern Guyana. Do these actions represent a countermove to the renewed vigor of acts of sabotage within Russian territory? We think so. And we could therefore soon witness a military confrontation in Latin America that adds to those in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In summary, given that the Anglo-Saxon empire shows no consideration for a peace negotiation in Ukraine and therefore continues with its suicidal military action in the hope of maintaining its hegemony on the planet, other pawns are moving on the chessboard from Moscow and Beijing. Proposing a war scenario hostile to the US empire right in his former backyard. Such a war could not be fought by armies of mercenaries because they could do nothing against a joint intervention by Brazilian and Venezuelan troops. Even considering that the latter have been adequately modernized and supplied by Moscow. Which means that such a war scenario would require the intervention of the Western fleet and armies. With completely predictable results. But let’s try to understand why a war in South America could have serious consequences for Washington and London.


Two aspects have emerged from the debacle of the (so-called) Ukrainian counteroffensive. One is its total failure and the other is the fact that the crushing defeat suffered on the field has not in the least weakened the intention of Washington and London to continue in the attempt to weaken Russia and detach it from its unbreakable alliance with Beijing .Venezuela’s recent territorial claims against the The empire is giving its all to achieve this goal and, unable to win on the field, is desperately trying to weaken the morale of the Russian population with continuous drone attacks on military and civilian structures on the Russian territory and with attacks on the strategic infrastructures of the Russian war machine. We do not know precisely what the results of such actions are but it is doubtful that this now appears to be the tactic of NATO troops. The West’s war effort in Western Europe is unprecedented and directly proportional to the threat that Moscow (and Beijing) represent to Anglo-Saxon hegemony on the planet. The Western establishment, as we have already had the opportunity to clarify on this blog (, has an extreme need to bend Moscow in the ongoing confrontation. If this did not succeed, it would be the end of Western hegemony. The Russian countermoves to this type of hybrid warfare were not long in coming. And efforts to increase protection of strategic structures for the country have multiplied. But, beyond this, it is clear that to frustrate and depress the expectations of the Western political leadership in Moscow they have decided to resort to the action of their allies in Latin America in order to create further commitments for the Western “invincible army”. The war is now taking on global features and is becoming cruder and more ferocious every day. By imposing monstrous costs which, obviously, the money factory will provide (the printing of money ex nihilo by the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank and the issuance of further debt). All this in the face of hyperinflation which, obviously, this will entail. But there is no way to do otherwise. That immense Ponzi scheme that is Western finance must continue its mission. It’s a shame that the progressive enlargement of the monetary mass in the West will mean that the dollar and the euro are no longer worth anything. And not just against other currencies. But also with respect to the goods that are purchased with them. And all this will lead to a general impoverishment of the European and US economies which will have to be addressed with further money printing. Making the latter a poison that we will no longer be able to ignore and which will be presented as a medicine. This is the truth’. And this is what Moscow and Beijing know perfectly well. This is why the opening of new war fronts will put the West in great difficulty if not even with its back against the wall. This strategy, associated with the control of raw material prices  is aimed precisely at economically exhausting the West and making it increasingly poorer and smaller in its geopolitical action.


Recent war and geopolitical developments warn us that the ongoing world war is not only becoming radicalized but also expanding geographically. And this is not a good sign for those who had hoped for a diplomatic solution to the matter. 2023 is closing with even worse omens than those at the end of 2022. The war will continue until one of the two contenders understands that they will no longer be able to fight it due to tiredness or exhaustion. For millennia the logic of power has always proceeded in the same way. “Either you bend or I will destroy you.” This, to paraphrase, is what the two contenders are saying to each other. Only propaganda manages to sweeten the message, often in a clumsy and tacky way. But this is the gist of the discussion between Washington and London on the one hand and Moscow and Beijing on the other. “Heac est summa”, my dears. This is the logic of power, like it or not. Despite the tireless and misleading action of propaganda.

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