The geopolitics of Europe and the decline of the old continent


The recent war developments in Ukraine warn us that something is really changing in the Eastern European theater of war. Moscow has recently increased the power of its attacks on Kiev’s army by hitting Ukrainian positions along the entire front line. There is widespread use of thermobaric bombs and vacuum bombs as well as conventional bombs with very high explosive potential and terrifying destructive effects (FAB 500, FAB 1500). Which is well documented by numerous video clips that show what is really happening on the Eastern Front. At the same time, the Ukrainian army, after the exploit of the drones sent to the Kremlin, began to launch drones on industrial infrastructures on Russian territory in an attempt to hit mostly power plants and oil refining plants. In summary, as we had the opportunity to clarify in our previous article ( the conflict, far from finding a diplomatic solution, is becoming increasingly radicalised. And it now places the West on a total collision course with the emerging East. The greatest victim of this geopolitical dynamic is Europe itself. Not only because it is the geopolitical entity that has everything to lose in a total war scenario like the one that is materializing but also because it has been reduced to being a mere “shield” of the United States of America . And it is waging a war against its own economic, geopolitical and geostrategic interests. Furthermore, it risks being incinerated by a nuclear attack before any other part of the globe.


Hungarian President Viktor Orban recently said: “To think that the Russians will sit back and watch their army be defeated, their political system destroyed, their president assassinated, their capital destroyed by drone attack, is simply unrealistic. It’s a scenario that can only come true in fairy tales.” And it is precisely in fairy tales that European politicians seem to live since they seem to have lost all contact with reality. There is no longer a declaration that speaks of the need for diplomatic action or any initiative aimed at achieving lasting peace in Eastern Europe. Instead, there is talk of the need to send more weapons, of resources for post bellum reconstruction (even if we still don’t know how the war will end) and, listen, of hypothetical divisions of Russian territory once Moscow will be definitively defeated. We, honestly, no longer know what to write about. Since our analysis is aimed at the world of reality and not that of propaganda and fantasy. Also because the video documents that reach us every day from sources alternative to the official ones show us a dramatic war picture for the Ukrainian army. Of course, it is undeniable that the latter has been excellently prepared for effective guerrilla tactics in urban contexts such as that of Bakmut, for example. And it was also effectively armed to resist the shock wave of the Russian army. But all this will not be enough to defeat the “red army”. Even more so today that the latter has begun to use deadly weapons to demolish the positions of the Kiev army. Why then do our politicians continue to talk about a counteroffensive that won’t happen? And of a victory that, equally, will not happen? In our opinion they are just trying to cover with words a dramatic war and geopolitical reality from which there will be no escape except with a terrible military defeat and a general rearrangement of the balance of power in the world. It remains incomprehensible how the European political leadership could have entrenched itself in positions that are not only geopolitically and economically counterproductive but also completely unrealistic. It is enough to open the history books and “retrace” the Russian history of the last two hundred years to understand that we will not prevail. But, evidently, in Washington, London and Brussels they have other things to read. And other analyzes to be done.

In our opinion, the real problem of the European (and Western in general) establishment is that of having lost the sense of reality. The politicians of the old continent seem to have locked themselves in a high ivory tower from which they are no longer able to discern truth from falsehood. And from which they can no longer understand the inexorable developments of a world in eternal becoming. Inured to half a millennium of unchallenged power, they seem lost and disoriented in the halls of power as to what is happening in the real world. And they draw up maps, order weapons, move armies, on geographical maps similar to those of Risk. But the war we have waged is not fantastic. It’s real. And the enemy we face is real and stronger and more determined than ever. Sooner or later reality will, by force of circumstances, break into the world of fantasy and bring European leadership back to the earthly world. And only then will the extent of the disaster that will reveal itself before our eyes be clear.

In light of what has been written so far, it is clear how delicate the particular historical phase we are experiencing is. And how irresponsible, as well as almost incomprehensible, the decisions and positions of the European political leadership appear. Whose role seems to be that of the rook of a castled West (the King obviously impersonates the USA). They seem to have reduced us to this. To a purely instrumental role aimed at safeguarding US hegemony in the world. And so they led us to re-propose the deeds of Hitler and Napoleon without considering the outcome of those enterprises. And, evidently, without considering the consequences. Yet those who know history well are realizing that things are going just like in the past. Unfortunately we believe that Western political leaderships are indifferent to any geopolitical analysis. They no longer care about what the effects and consequences of the path undertaken will be. They just want to maintain their power. Everything, in its entirety. Without ifs and buts. And, if this is the only parameter through which every decision is made, it is clear that geopolitical considerations are not valid, no analyzes of any kind are valid.

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