The geopolitics of the US empire between lack of foresight and suicide missions


There is an aspect that is emerging dramatically from the ongoing war events in Eastern Europe and the Middle East and it has to do with the inability of the US empire to recognize the state of the art of geopolitical evolution of the last thirty years of world history as well as the loss of its military supremacy over the entire world. All this is revealed by geopolitical and geostrategic choices that seem dictated more by desperation than by long-term considerations. It is useless to reiterate how the proxy war with Russia in Ukraine is turning out to be a geostrategic trap from which the West will probably not be able to escape except in a bad way. Of course, Washington and London can draw on immense industrial production as well as truly enormous human potential (think of the enlistment of mercenaries from Eastern European countries) but it is clear that Moscow can also draw on human resources and almost unlimited materials given the unconditional support that the allied or satellite states have already guaranteed it (we are referring above all to the industrial and human support that China, North Korea and Iran are actively providing it). Meanwhile, with each passing day, Ukraine suffers the heartbreaking consequences of a war that is exhausting all its prospects and destroying all its infrastructure. Despite this, in Washington and London it was decided to transform what should have been a victorious war into a real suicide mission. For the sole purpose of indefinitely prolonging a conflict which, it is understood, the West cannot win. A bit in the same way as what the Japanese navy and air force planned during 1944 against the US fleet and army and which led to the active use of the infamous kamikazes. It is as if we were trying to prolong this conflict indefinitely in the hope that a coup in Moscow or Beijing could change something in the life-or-death challenge for world power. In the hope that continued military pressure on their geopolitical rivals can weaken their strength and mitigate their intentions. In our opinion, only this expectation (or hope, whatever you prefer) is moving the Anglo-Saxon establishment at this particular historical juncture. In summary, the geopolitics of Washington and London, in our opinion, completely lacks sense and foresight and, moreover, is independent of geopolitical considerations in the strict sense. Since it is emerging (and not only in Ukraine) as a purely suicide mission. As a replacement for real alternatives. The outcome of which appears not only to be entirely predictable but also very doubtful. Given the numbers compared between the two antagonistic blocks. And considering the historical analysis which, at least as regards the comparison in Eastern Europe, certainly does not bode well.


If the ongoing world war were to continue to its extreme consequences and to its last breath (or to its last resort, it would be better to say) it is obvious that the war drama experienced by the world from February 2022 until today would be only one joke. This hypothesis appears entirely realistic since none of the warring parties seems to show tiredness and reluctance in continuing the confrontation.And it also appears plausible considering the statements of many politicians who have a decisive role in the war dynamic that took shape after 24 February 2022. Statements which, in our opinion, most of the time appear completely out of reality. Of the geopolitical and geostrategic reality that has developed in the world over the last thirty years. The F-16s eventually delivered to Kiev will be of no use, as will the latest generation ballistic missiles that Washington and London have already deployed on Ukrainian territory. They will be of no use because the latest generation Russian jamming instruments associated with the latest anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems are capable of destroying and neutralizing any threat of this type. While the comparison, already tested, between Russian hypersonic missiles and the best US anti-missile systems installed on the territory of the Ukrainian capital has given a painful response for Western technocrats. Without making it too long, Russian military technology has proven to be superior to Anglo-Saxon technology and this says a lot about how unrealistic the claims of many Western politicians are who still predict a landslide victory over Putin’s Russia. If, therefore, we cannot win, why do we persist in a suicide mission? And won’t our possible involvement in a future military confrontation between Pechno and Taipei be equally suicidal? Of course it will be. Since we will have to deal not only with the enormous numerical and quantitative potential of the Dragon’s army (and industry) but also, once again, with the Russian military technology that will support it. And how we will be able to prevail in such a confrontation is something that really escapes us. Will Captain America (or some other superhero) intervene to support us? The question is not as stupid as it seems. Since it is in the world of fantasy that the geopolitical direction of the West seems to materialize. Which increasingly appears to be a dog that doesn’t want to let go of the bone and that persists in maintaining a well-being that it can no longer maintain. Now that the world is getting out of hand (and that he no longer wants to be subjugated to it). And now that the financial engineering that led us to hyper-indebtedness is leading us to hyperinflation and all the consequences that this will entail in terms of consumption and productivity. It is obvious that today’s reality, with its unwanted developments, is causing an earthquake in the dreamlike dimension of the Western establishment. Who must evidently feel very depressed when he realizes that he is forced to take a funnel-shaped path that will dramatically eliminate his margins for maneuver. This time it will be difficult to pull the rabbit out of the hat. Also for the financial oligarchy that has dominated the world geopolitical stage unchallenged for half a millennium.

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