Current geopolitical situation and geopolitical news. Something doesn’t add up in the official narrative

Recent geopolitical events on the world geopolitical and geoeconomic chessboard are seeing some really important developments. So important as to portend a rapid shift in the balance of power that has been evident in the world since 1945 and since 1991 (the year of the end of World War II and the dissolution of the USSR, respectively). Yet, mainstream information seems indifferent to very important facts whose consequences could be very heavy for certain realities in the current world geopolitical and geoeconomic framework. Let us try to understand what we mean by these statements and what we are referring to specifically.


The world’s major news outlets have recently ignored a news story with really important geopolitical and geoeconomic implications. And we do not understand how this could have happened. China and Brazil have agreed that trade between the two countries, which amounts to about $150 billion, will take place only in yuan and real ( the Chinese and Brazilian currencies, respectively) and no longer in the U.S. currency (still the currency with which more than 65 percent of world trade is conducted).Considering the magnitude of the interchange between the two emerging economies, the news is truly impressive. And it shows how the Brazilian establishment has decided to free itself from the U.S. currency and to endorse, in all respects, China’s strategy of economic contrast to the United States of America. Brazil’s decisions follow those of Argentina, which recently expressed dissatisfaction with the grueling negotiations with the International Monetary Fund for loans to the South American state and the conditions imposed by the IMF itself in this regard. Argentina has approached the BRICS club asking to be a member of that organization (obviously in the hope of obtaining loans on more favorable terms than those of Western finance) and has also expressed a willingness to break free from the U.S. currency with regard to international trade. The two largest countries in Latin America (the former “backyard of the U.S.”) seem to be on the verge of breaking with the West permanently. The political dynamic in Tunisia also seems to be taking a very worrying turn for Washington and Brussels.Tunis, it is reported a few hours ago, has reportedly rejected IMF conditions for new loans to the African country and turned to the Brics club for economic and financial support ( with obvious geopolitical consequences in North Africa where the West seems to be in great difficulty in the face of expanding Russian influence). Yet, despite the importance of these developments, the mainstream Western media have not given much weight to this news. Why ? The reason is that the Western political leadership ( and with it the mainstream news media ) tries to downplay the impacts and consequences of such circumstances that it knows instead are devastating to the U.S.-led world order. The point is that in Washington, London and Brussels they have understood perfectly well that a real “liberation and enfranchisement movement” from Western marauding finance is underway around the world, fostered and fueled by the West’s geopolitical rivals (Russia and China above all). All that remains, therefore, is to conceal and downplay such developments and to make sure that the press does not spread such news so as to once again render the European and U.S. public incapable of understanding the significance of today’s geopolitical dynamics in the world.But, clearly, the development of such events cannot be concealed for long, not least because this will shortly impact the economy and “Western world power” that is, the world order imposed by the West on the rest of the world. With possible dramatic economic and financial consequences for first world populations. These dynamics ,therefore, far from being only “purely geopolitical” dynamics will have a significant impact on the economic development of Western countries as well as on their inflationary dynamics (the U.S. will no longer be able to “export” inflation abroad but will have to keep it at home with all the consequences of the case). It is obvious that all the financial engineering solutions devised and implemented over the past seventy years pale in the face of such developments, and in the face of them neither the Federal Reserve nor the ECB will be able to do much.


Official information has not said much about the visit of the French president and the chairwoman of the European Commission to Beijing a few days ago. Or,rather, it talked about it enough before it happened, little when it happened, and very little at its conclusion.Why ? It is clear that the diplomatic mission was a genuine failure if it is true that European politicians had not yet landed at European airports that already the Chinese were moving their fleet and army against Taiwan particularly aggressively. The media told us of an understanding of intent on a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian conflict and of the support the Chinese president would give to an unspecified solution that the French president would submit to him. In truth, it is far more likely that the Europeans have threatened ,without much formality, the Chinese establishment with economic and trade consequences if it continues its alliance with Moscow. The move on Taiwan would be in response to such threats, at least in our interpretation of it. But the media do not provide “readings” on this. It’s all casual to them. All the result of chance. The Chinese launch aggressive and threatening military maneuvers against Taiwan right after the diplomatic meeting with the European political leadership but there is no connection between the two. Or ,rather, there is no interest in blurting it out to their public opinions. Everything is fine.Although we are, in all likelihood, on the eve of a world conflict of which the war in Ukraine is but the appetizer. Everything is under control. Although the non-Western world is literally revolting against the West’s domination of the world and it will be extremely difficult to “bring it back to order.”


Mainstream news media’s approach to the profound changes in the world geopolitical framework and global power arrangements is quite questionable. It clearly lies and omits as much as possible based on precise instructions from the political top. We are often faced with information that is not information .Rather it is disinformation and propaganda. On the other hand, given the game that is being played (the peculiarities of which we have had the opportunity to highlight in previous articles) on the world geopolitical stage, it is obvious that all this is happening (as it has always happened in geopolitically similar historical circumstances). Heaven forbid that there remains anything of free information!!! Heaven willing that the “true” does not die for the benefit of the “false”!!!

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