Lords and vassals: The dark reality of global geopolitical dynamics beyond propaganda


The conflict that has just exploded in the Middle East gives us the opportunity to analyze not only the specific context of the Middle Eastern geopolitical scenario but also the balance of power between the true masters of the world. And how these move their pawns (or vassals, whatever you prefer) on the global geopolitical chessboard. Because, like it or not, they are always the ones pulling the strings in that great puppet theater which, all things considered, is the global geopolitical stage. I know that the content of this article may touch someone’s sensitivity. But at the same time it will be able to reveal the profound reality of a cruel world in which everything is driven by interests (economic, and therefore by the desire for enrichment and power) for which people do not hesitate to start wars and destroy their rivals geopolitical. To kill unarmed civilians and to ruthlessly plunder other people’s wealth. It is within this framework that the new conflict taking place in the Middle East must be placed. Conflict in which Hamas is nothing but a pawn moved by Iran (which in turn is a vassal of Russia and China). Hamas (as well as the Lebanese Hezhbollah movement) is nothing more than a mere instrument that moves on command when important decisions are made in Moscow and Beijing. What is said on the Palestinian issue (both by pro-Palestinians and pro-Israelis) is certainly true but it does not capture the substance of the specificities of the moment and the true causes of the same. Which respond to specific interests in the ongoing world war that we have already had the opportunity to highlight on this blog. Understanding the interests and root causes of a war makes clear to us the instrumental nature of the majority of geopolitical subjects present in the world. Who act “on behalf of third parties” and for the interests of others in exchange, obviously, for an economic or territorial compensation. What was said for Hamas and Hezbollah also applies to Ukraine which is nothing more than a pawn in the hands of the USA moved against Russia in an attempt to undermine its geopolitical rise in the world. All the speeches of the Western political leaderships which tell us of a country brutally attacked by a ferocious power-hungry aggressor (without the latter having been provoked in the slightest) are very beautiful and certainly carefully well prepared. But they are nothing more than lies. The truth is that they paid the political leadership of that country to wage a suicidal war that does not respond to Kiev’s specific interests but to those of its “lords” (lords who gave rise to the coup d’état on Maidan in 2014 because ‘Putin had prevented the fall of Assad in Syria and therefore had interfered with the plans for the creation of “greater Israel” whose real objective was the reduction of Iranian influence in the Middle Eastern region). The lords of the world make their vassals move at will, in one way or another, based on the interests of the place and the moment. By unloading on them the “dirty work” and the weight of wars, both military and economic. We have also seen this clearly with Europe (vassal of the USA) which even agreed to enter, de facto, into war with Russia even though this was profoundly harmful to its own economic interests (https://www.geopolitika.it/en/the-crisis-of-europe-and-the-end-of-french-grandeur/). This is the dramatic geopolitical reality hidden by mainstream information increasingly subservient to the interests of the leaders. And from this we can deduce the drama of a large part of the world population who is at the complete mercy of these dynamics. Think of the drama experienced by the Ukrainian people, that of the African populations victims of continuous wars waged by external geopolitical actors. And think of the drama of the Palestinian people who are victims, today more than ever, of the clash between the great powers. All this for the interests of the great lords who clash for world power.


It is undeniable that today there are three great lords on the international geopolitical stage. These three great lords are enormously rich and have immense economic and industrial resources. They are the truly great “maneuvers” in the geopolitical events of our times (we could say that they are, in some way, also the creators). They are those who hide behind deeds and misdeeds in every part of the world. The rest of the world, everything, is in some way his vassal. Obviously each of these three gentlemen has specific areas of influence. And it determines the geopolitical reality of specific geographical contexts. These three gentlemen are the USA, China and Russia. A large part of the world’s wealth, industrial production (including military production) and raw materials (mining and agricultural) are concentrated in these three countries. The fact is that nowadays these three great lords have come to war. On one side the USA and on the other, united against the USA, China and Russia. And, given their deadly nuclear deterrent, they do not clash directly but only indirectly. Everyone is moving their pieces on the chessboard and covering themselves behind the “toy soldiers” on duty (on whom, obviously, the bulk of the weight of the conflict falls). This is the very sad reality of today’s geopolitical dynamics. Everything else is just propaganda. Like much of the profound journalistic arguments of today with their enchanting examinations of the geopolitical developments taking place today. The reality is that there are lords and vassals and that the vassals carry out the orders of the lords by shielding them and taking on the bulk of the burden and consequences of the clashes in which they are inevitably involved. It doesn’t matter whether the consequences of all this involve the death of tens or hundreds of thousands of people and the tragedy of entire populations. This is the “state of the art” of contemporary and non-contemporary geopolitics. The great lords move their pieces on the board according to their interests until the end of the “game”. Until victory or final defeat. The material weight of the clash with all its dramatic consequences weighs on the latter. They have only a purely instrumental function and their lords care little or nothing about how much they suffer in the clashes they are called upon to support. How many of those fighting in Palestine or Ukraine know about all this? Very few, obviously. Since most have been filled with blind fanaticism which precludes them from understanding the sinister mechanism in which they have sadly been inserted. Fighting and dying unaware of the perverse mechanism that governs this world.

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