The war in Israel and the sad geopolitical scenarios before our eyes


Perhaps not everyone has realized it but what is happening in the Middle East is just a dramatic development of the ongoing world war between the Western bloc on one side and the Eastern bloc on the other. This development has very clear and at the same time disturbing purposes since it announces the parties’ unavailability for any negotiations. And this is really dramatic. The back-to-back battle between the contenders continues without the possibility of any kind of conciliation. Conceptually, the clash will continue until the collapse of one of the two contenders. It is therefore clear that in Washington and London it was decided to block the Sino-Russian geopolitical rise in all possible ways and without hesitation whatsoever. At the same time it is equally clear that in Moscow and Beijing it has been decided that Western hegemony must end. Whatever it takes. Even at the price of bringing war to the West itself. And the attack aimed at the Israeli state in recent days must be seen in this context. Because, de facto, this is what has been done since Israel, to all intents and purposes, is an integral part of the Western world. The hostile action, completely unforeseen and unexpected, also has specific geopolitical implications which are not of little importance. These implications have to do with the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine, in Nagorno-Karabakh and also in Sudan where Tel Aviv has been very actively involved for a long time. The current war developments in Palestine now force Israel to completely disengage in these war theaters to concentrate on the “internal” threat represented not so much by Hamas but by the Hezbollah movement (very well armed and constantly supplied, in men and weapons, by Teheran precisely in anti-Israel function). In short, the war in Palestine not only weakens the Western war front but will commit the West to a new economic effort with unpredictable implications on its economic solidity. Furthermore, it will force him to commit himself even more in a geopolitical chessboard that is now completely hostile to the aims of Washington and London and, furthermore, very far from the Far East which is the true objective of all Western war efforts. All of this is perfectly functional to Beijing’s interests which is thus engaging its geopolitical rivals in a war of exhaustion far from its borders and from the geopolitical chessboard of the Far East. In short, Beijing is literally pushing the West into a geopolitical and economic trap with epochal implications. And without being directly involved in the conflict. Its role seems very similar to that of England in the geopolitical dynamics of the last five hundred years of world history. Period in which London was actively engaged in forming (and economically supporting) international coalitions to wage war against anyone who challenged its power without “getting its hands dirty” too much in such events. Today Beijing is skillfully implementing a similar geopolitics by limiting itself to the role of great treasurer and financier of all the nations (and factions) loyal to it. Having on its side the monstrous military potential of Moscow which, as we have had the opportunity to underline (, represents the greatest existing threat to Western hegemonic claims. Far from considering geopolitical developments in the Middle East in isolation, we insert these events into the great geopolitical game underway between East and West. With precise purposes and specificities. And with potentially very important consequences regarding future global geopolitical structures.


In Moscow and Beijing they are perfectly aware of the economic conditions the West finds itself in. Which has reached, technically, total economic bankruptcy. The public debt situation in Western countries is completely out of control. The enormous loss in value of the dollar and the euro resulting from the continuous printing of money by the FED and the ECB and the loss of control of the prices of materials by Western countries is generating an inflationary spiral that leaves no room for illusions of any kind on what the economic developments in the West will be. The union between Moscow and Beijing at a geopolitical level paralyzes the military action of the West and prevents it from taking possession of other people’s economic resources by force (as was done with the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and as attempted to do with Iran years ago). In short, the West’s room for maneuver to escape the inexorable economic decline that awaits it is reduced to a minimum. The West no longer has time. The collapse of its economy (and therefore of its power and wealth) is just around the corner. Only the collapse of Putin’s Russia and the geopolitical isolation of the Dragon could save its fate. And in fact it is in this sense that he is actively engaging with all the strength he has left. But he must succeed immediately. Otherwise the terrible economic crisis that will hit him will leave him no escape. Moscow and Beijing know this very well and this is precisely why they are multiplying the war fronts. To disperse the Western army passim and prevent it from winning in Ukraine (where the real game for world power is being played). The war in Palestine must be seen in this framework. It should be seen as a mere tool to weaken Western forces by dispersing them on countless war fronts. Raising, among other things, the costs of war exponentially. We do not know how clear this is to the Western establishment which continues to show great conviction in its geopolitical action. Meanwhile, Beijing remains distant and neither a military nor a more specifically economic war seems possible against it (given the level of dependence that Western producers have on the Chinese market and given the level of inflation that would be reached in the absence of Chinese products on Western markets). In short, everything works in Beijing’s (and Moscow’s) favor in the great game for world power. First of all, the time factor which seems to have become the real sword of Damocles that hangs over the action and destiny of the West as a whole.

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