The alliance between Russia and China and the global geopolitical scenario


In the global geopolitical scenario of the last twenty years, the most important fact (as well as full of consequences for the global geopolitical structure) has been the alliance between Russia and China. The two former red giants have created a partnership with very strong repercussions on the balance of world power as we have known it since the collapse of the USSR up to the present day. And, above all, they put a brake on the hegemonic claims of the USA as they had emerged after the bankruptcy of Moscow and the dissolution of the Soviet Union which followed in the early 1990s of the twentieth century. But why is this alliance so important for global geopolitical balances? And why haven’t Washington and London managed to “break it” following the geopolitical logic of ” divide and rule”  which has always characterized the diplomatic-military action of the Anglo-Saxon Empire (just as it characterized that of the Roman Empire in the past)? This is precisely what we will try to explain in this article. Aware that much has already been written about it. Especially from newspapers aligned with mainstream information.


The alliance between Russia and China is not the result of chance. It responds to specific needs of the two countries. Both from an economic point of view and from a more strictly geopolitical one. The two countries are perfectly complementary. China, a great industrial power, needs Russia as a preferred supplier of low-cost raw materials. Raw materials that can be supplied to it in almost unlimited quantities given the enormous reserves of the Russian subsoil. Russia needs China as an outlet market for its mineral resources. Even more so today that relations with the West have become conflictual to the point of resulting in a real war fought on Ukrainian soil (with consequent closure of commercial relations between Moscow and Brussels). Furthermore, the geographical position of the two countries allows the The export of Russian mineral products to China through land infrastructures (railways, oil and gas pipelines) which protects Beijing from problems that could arise from a possible conflict with the USA. Problems resulting from a possible naval blockade which would prevent the import of vital raw materials for the Chinese industry with disastrous repercussions for the entire economy of the celestial empire. For Russia, having a commercial outlet in Asia for its raw materials means freeing itself from the contradiction, experienced until 2022, of having the West as its main geopolitical rival on the one hand and the largest customer of underground resources on the other. Russian. The alliance between the two countries is therefore completely strategic and functional for the economic interests of both. The two countries are cementing their economic and commercial relations to such an extent that their economies are completely interdependent. With beneficial consequences for the economic and social development of both nations. The statements (also reported by authoritative newspapers) on the fact that the alliance between Russia and China is in truth a fictitious alliance dictated only by current contingencies really make us laugh and should be interpreted as mere propaganda. On the other hand, the two countries not only have converging economic interests but also have a very similar geopolitical and geostrategic vision of the world. And this vision makes them perfectly complementary. Both countries have an interest in ending the domination of the Anglo-Saxon empire in the world. Both have the need to expand economically on world markets. China for the export of its immense industrial production, Russia for the export of its almost inexhaustible agricultural and mineral resources. China needs Russian technological know-how to bring its army on a par with that of the USA. For Moscow, Beijing’s human potential could soon be indispensable in order to affiliate resources to its army given the Russian demographic dynamics of the last thirty years. The two united countries appear to be a formidable threat to what is still the hegemonic power in the world: the United States of America. However, unlike what often happened in the past, they were unable to prevent the formation of this fearful alliance. They have therefore failed to separate the two geopolitical rivals who are now trying to oust them from the throne of world power. This means that they cannot face them separately, as would be more congenial to them, but are forced to face them together, accepting a confrontation with an outcome that is by no means a foregone conclusion.


As we stated before, Russia and China are today linked by solid economic interests as well as by an almost identical geopolitical vision. The interests are now so solid that they cannot be undermined by an unscrupulous diplomatic policy like the one that the USA has conducted towards its geopolitical rivals for at least a hundred years now. This is even more true today when the wall to wall between Russia and the West seems unable to lead to any real negotiated solution between the two antagonists. On the other hand, this situation has allowed Beijing to replace Western products on the Russian market with Chinese ones. This has allowed the two countries to be even more interdependent. And even more united in fighting the American hegemon. On the other hand, Anglo-Saxon diplomacy has sinned with such arrogance and arrogance that it is no longer credible for any interlocutor. Angela Merkel’s recent statements regarding the Minsk agreements and their instrumental anti-Russian role leave no room for misunderstanding. The West lied and demonstrated that it was not credible in relation to the commitments made towards the other side.” We were just taking our time” declared Angela Merkel (it is not known why she made such statements other than to further annoy the Russian political leadership and exacerbate tensions). Long enough to arm Ukraine to the teeth. To foment anti-Russian hatred in the country. To train the Ukrainian army in guerrilla warfare as well as Western war standards and to fortify the border areas of Donbass in order to make a Russian offensive in the east of the country difficult. Ipse dixit. So how could Moscow and Beijing still trust Western diplomacy? Even more so today when trust is zero. The problem is that the arrogance of the West has reached levels perhaps never before experienced by any civilization. It feels so superior to the rest of the world that it almost no longer wants to deal with it. “We are a garden, the rest of the world is a jungle” recently stated the representative of the head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell. Who also added: “There is a risk that the jungle will invade the garden.” Solemn words. Typical words of those who have the presumption of setting themselves up as God. Words that place a tombstone on any serious negotiation between the hegemonic West and the emerging powers. These positions explain why the Anglo-Saxon empire was unable to divide Russia and China. Because he placed himself as God on earth and was unable to offer both of them anything other than a secondary role on the global geopolitical scene.


From what has been written so far it is quite clear to understand why the alliance between Russia and China is in fact inseparable today. Beijing, on the other hand, knows well that the USA first wants to subdue and annihilate Russia in order to then concentrate on the fight against it. Why then would the Chinese allow Russia’s defeat in Ukraine (assuming this is actually achievable)? Of course they will never allow it. And they will offer Moscow all their economic and military potential (and, if necessary, also human) in order to repel the Western threat and reset the balance of world power. In our opinion, we are moving towards a radicalization of the global conflict. Whoever manages to wear down and collapse the opponent first will prevail. And those who have will have sufficient resources to resist longer. In the hope that all this does not lead to a nuclear war that incinerates the world.

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