The drama of the West and its Narcissus syndrome

The developments in global geopolitical dynamics in recent months leave us dismayed and disenchanted. This is because it is obvious that world geopolitics has taken a clear and defined path and, sincerely, we hoped that such a scenario would not materialize. And instead, as we expected, it is now clear that we are proceeding with great strides towards a long and dramatic world conflict. And with devastating consequences for all humanity. But above all the West, in our opinion, will pay the consequences. Since he will be forced to give up his power and reconsider what he considers “his prerogatives” on the entire planet. We have already written in abundance about the almost messianic nature of the role that the West claims to have in the world ( and it would be superfluous to add anything else. Even on the geopolitical and geostrategic errors (or, at least, on those that we consider such) of the USA and Europe, we believe we have written enough and we believe we have outlined very well the reason why the West (again in our opinion , obviously) has entered a dead end from which he will hardly be able to escape except in a bad way ( For this analysis we were banned from the main global search engines (for which we practically no longer exist). Not that this regrets us much. But it says a lot about the autocratic drift that is developing in the West of the world in defiance of what is praised about the authoritarian models of large states in the Eurasian space. We are not only in geopolitical disintegration but also in total democratic disintegration. This is a fact and we have found it “firsthand”.


The fact is that the West seems to live in the shadow of a real Narcissus syndrome. The speeches of Western politicians reveal, today more than ever, unprecedented arrogance and arrogance. And, moreover, not supported by any competitive advantage that could justify such attitudes. Because, as is well known, today the West does not have a real superiority over the rest of the world. This applies to the military field where Russia is ahead of it on a technological and qualitative level (and we believe that soon it will also be ahead of it on a quantitative level given that since last year Moscow has given impetus to its military industrial apparatus as a consequence of the conflict in Ukraine) and for the economic field where it no longer seems to hold a candle to China. Even the Western financial system is in decline today. The US dollar is losing share of world trade and the southern hemisphere is showing increasing impatience with the imposition of the US currency as the reference currency for the trade of raw materials. If the trend continues in the future (and we have reason to believe that it will) there will be significant problems for US debt and its refinancing. At the same time, the immense monetary mass created by Western central banks has given rise to an inflationary dynamic whose effects are dramatic already now and will, in all likelihood, be even more so in the years to come. In addition to this, the Western economy has not grown for years (apart from official data which has little to do with reality) due to market saturation which gives little chance of an economic recovery which only exists in the imagination of US and European economic institutions. Which manipulate and alter economic data of all kinds.In light of all this, we must ask ourselves what makes the West believe that it is, literally, the “center of the world”. Perhaps the last 500 years of history that have seen it dominate the global geopolitical stage. Domination that has produced enormous tragedies. In this regard, we mention the slave trade and the slave economy in the new world, the destruction of pre-Columbian civilizations, the intensive exploitation of colonial resources and monoculture, the consequences of which are still visible today in Africa where it led to the sterilization of vast areas of the black continent. The history of the last 500 years only reveals the predatory nature of Western geopolitics and economics and we sincerely do not believe that this can be a source of pride for Europe and the United States of America. And then the question arises spontaneously. What makes the Western world believe it is so superior to the rest of the world? We cannot find a rational answer to this question. The Narcissus syndrome of the West is perhaps a disease inherent in the anthropological nature of “Homo Occidentalis”. That one believes what is not. And that he always sees himself as beautiful and always sees others as ugly. Moreover, the statements of the European political leadership have clarified this aspect well.” We are a garden, the rest of the world is a jungle” it was said. It is with such statements that “homo Occidentalis” reveals his true nature (and that of his thoughts). The real problem is that chatter is now at zero. The word has gone to arms and it is not a given that we will win. On the other hand, Roma docet. The Romans were culturally superior (by a lot) to all the Germanic peoples who invaded the empire during the 5th century AD. Yet they got the worst of it. They were defeated and overwhelmed. But what is the point of “dusting off” historical events that can lead us to profound reflections. We are as beautiful as Narcissus and no one can compare with such beauty. History applies to the past. The beauty of Narcissus is meta-historical, immortal. This seems to be the “We are us and you are nothing” approach of Western diplomacy. “We have the garden and you have the jungle” even if, it was admitted, “there is the risk that the jungle could invade the garden”. And in this hypothesis the doubt that begins to harbor in the mind of “Homo Occidentalis” was revealed. Doubt that arises from the war dynamics just experienced as well as from the response of history regarding this undertaking (


We regret having to be ironic about a global geopolitical dynamic like today’s. The situation is truly dramatic for the West and, in our opinion, there is no way out. Even more so since the “iubris” of the Western establishment seems to have reached unprecedented levels today. But it’s probably not exactly “iubris” that’s moving the West. Perhaps it is fear that is causing such delirium. The delirium of Narcissus. His fear that there might be someone more beautiful than him. And also, stronger and more powerful. Fear is what pushed him into a real Thucydides trap which, in our opinion, will prove fatal to him. Not because this is what we want (in truth we don’t want it at all). But because, numbers in hand, the West cannot win the battle it has just started. The numbers say it. History says so (for which the dominion of every civilization is, at a certain point, always over). Whether our politicians like it or not, we believe that the historical phase of Western domination of the world is coming to an end. And there will be no way to reverse the course of history. As the Western political leadership seems to believe.

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