The US empire and the Ukrainian trap: Considerations on the current global geopolitical situation

From many quarters we hear analyzes relating to the current global geopolitical situation which seem curious to us to say the least. The most curious of all seemed to us to be the one which maintains that, in the ongoing conflict between East and West for “world power” (because this is what it is about and we trust that at least on this aspect there are no doubts) Russia and China are not true allies but, in fact, rival powers. Occasionally united by the contingencies of the current geopolitical dynamic. Given that we have already expressed our vision in this regard ( we feel obliged to reiterate our reading not only in relation to the alliance between the two former red giants but also to the geopolitical aims of the US empire and the role that the war in Ukraine is having in the ongoing world conflict. This is to demonstrate how the alliance between Moscow and Beijing is completely functional to the economic, geopolitical and geostrategic interests of Russia and China and precisely by virtue of these convergences of interests the US empire’s attempt to apply, in this particular historical juncture, the geopolitical strategy of divide and conquer which for over a century has represented the pillar of Washington’s foreign policy (and of London and of the English empire even before that).


Since we have already revealed our vision regarding the geopolitical synergy between Moscow and Beijing (and for such analyzes we refer to the article above) we will limit ourselves only to reiterating some essential aspects which support our thesis according to which the alliance between the two former red giants is much more than a mere occasional alliance generated by contingencies of today’s international geopolitical situation. First of all, there is the economic complementarity of the two countries to consider. China, as the world’s largest industrial power, is in dire need of (low-cost) raw materials for its powerful processing industry and Russia has everything Beijing needs. And it can provide it in almost unlimited quantities. And at a lower cost than other countries given the proximity between the two former red giants. So it will be said. But Beijing today controls the majority of the mineral production of sub-Saharan Africa and also a good part of that of South America, so why should it depend on supplies of Russian raw materials? Simple, the Russian ones are cheaper (also considering their lower transport costs) and, above all, their transport takes place by land. And if you think that this is a small matter, you have not fully understood the nature of the global clash between East and West. Considering also that the US empire (or Anglo-Saxon, if you prefer, given that Great Britain is still at its side today) still exercises an effective thalassocracy which, on occasion, could block or make difficult the maritime connections between Beijing and the “its colonies” so as to bring the Chinese economy and industry to its knees. The economic synergy with Russia allows China to guarantee secure and world war-proof energy and mineral supplies. In no way can Washington and London put these supplies at risk and this allows Beijing to have a fundamental geopolitical and geoeconomic advantage over the Anglo-Saxon thalassocracy. Moscow also offered and still offers high-tech military support to Beijing without which China would not be able to possess the military technology necessary to wage a war against the West and this is also a fundamental aspect to understand how, in ongoing global conflict, Moscow represents an absolutely irreplaceable resource for Beijing. Furthermore, our reading of the war in Ukraine ( demonstrates how the monstrous Russian potential is the most formidable shield behind which Beijing can protect itself from the clutches of the West. And let it be the most formidable tool to wear down and exhaust, economically and militarily, its greatest geopolitical rival (the US empire and its vassals). Far from being just a temporary and opportunistic alliance, the one between Russia and China appears to be an alliance of steel aimed at launching the assault on Anglo-Saxon world power and subverting the balance of power that still exists today. At least this is our reading. The interpretation we give of the current geopolitical dynamics.


The war in Ukraine, therefore, would not be aimed (at least in our interpretation of the facts) at containing the expansion of NATO towards the east and therefore up to the Russian borders. We have already explained why such a vision is short-sighted and anachronistic ( from a geostrategic point of view. With this we are not saying that some Anglo-Saxon strategist cannot still cultivate similar illusions but simply that they are such and should be taken as such. Even the “reading” according to which it would serve to wage a multi-year war with Russia in order to exhaust its resources and decree its collapse seems to us more than anything else to be a “propaganda reading” outside of any reality. Since Russia has immense and practically inexhaustible resources. Time has always played on Moscow’s side in whatever war it has been involved in. Hearing that time can play against the geopolitics of the Kremlin really makes us laugh. Simply because such statements reveal a truly disconcerting historical ignorance. Our interpretation of the facts is that the West was attracted into the Ukrainian trap precisely by Moscow and Beijing. On the other hand, everyone knew that the Ukrainian war would break out and that the Minsk agreements were just a way to buy time and better prepare for the clash (both on one side and the other). The much-vaunted Afghan debacle of the USA, for example, represented only a strategic repositioning of the US army in Ukraine, precisely, for the war that would be fought against Russia. To think that the war broke out due to the whims of the Kremlin is completely misleading. The truth is, according to our reading of events, that Moscow and Beijing have worked at full speed to encourage the conflict in order to involve the West in a war of economic and military exhaustion. Therefore engaging him in a war with no way out which would ruin his finances (already in trouble) and force him into an endless economic commitment to lead him to bankruptcy. The war dynamics on the eastern front confirms this. Since the Russians seem to be more interested in the destruction of NATO’s war potential engaged in the field than in a real advance towards Western Ukraine. Moscow is convinced that sooner or later it will be possible to obtain Kiev’s surrender “through starvation” since the country is in total economic ruin. But what matters most is to annihilate the war potential of NATO stationed on Ukrainian territory in order to make the West pay a fearful economic cost, and budgets in hand, unsustainable in the long term. We therefore believe that the war in Eastern Europe was well prepared by Moscow and Beijing to lure the Anglo-Saxon empire into a historical trap that will prove fatal to it. In the same way as it was fatal to Napoleon’s Grande Armee and Hitler’s Werhmacht. Only in the cases just mentioned, Moscow was on the side of the Anglo-Saxon empire and was the latter’s instrument to annihilate and annihilate its mortal geopolitical rivals. Now it is on the side of the Chinese power that uses the immense Russian potential to exhaust and destroy its bitter geopolitical antagonist. This is our reading of the events.


With this article we wanted to express our interpretation relating to the geopolitical dynamics as it is developing today. Given that ours is only a point of view and as such has no objectivity. These clarifications appear necessary to us every time we hear analyzes that are, to say the least, singular (always functional, in truth, to the apparatus of power) which, in our humble opinion, are neither in heaven nor on earth. Besides, nothing surprises us anymore. Not even the censorship of which we have been unjustly victims recently. We weren’t even born and we have already been “ostracized”. Yet we don’t talk about “Ogres who eat children” or “the advent of the next Devil on this world”. But it is clear that sometimes you don’t have to go that far to be censored. Sometimes you just need to tell the truth. A truth that is often so inconvenient on a geopolitical level that it cannot be tolerated. And so full of “heavy whys” that it is even disgusting for all those who believe the mainstream media vulgate.

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