Geopolitics and geoeconomics: Twin sisters


Geopolitics is a discipline which, as we have written (, analyzes the relationships and balances of power between the various nations of the world. His contribution to the interpretation of the dynamics of international relations is simply fundamental. Without an accurate geopolitical analysis there cannot be a real understanding of events whose nature is often hidden by propaganda. That propaganda which even today, in the face of well-known war developments, tries to hide inconvenient truths and highlights total falsehoods. But, beyond this, it is good to make it clear that for a correct geopolitical analysis we must always resort to an economic and geoeconomic analysis of the facts and circumstances that are the subject of the geopolitical analysis. This is because it is the economy that drives the action of the states of the world. Economic interests are always at the center of the agenda of every global political leadership and are the true driving force of the geopolitical dynamics (whatever it is) of every state. The logic of the geopolitical action of a state is very similar to that of any individual. In fact, everyone tries to develop their own intelligence and build relationships in order to increase their wealth and well-being. The action of a state is almost always aimed at obtaining control of the economic resources necessary for its expansion or of outlet markets that expand its industrial production and production capacity (with all the consequences that these dynamics cause in the creation of wealth and GDP within the state itself thanks to the increase in employment and therefore in the spending and consumption capacity of its citizens). This is a fundamental aspect to understand how economic dynamics are fundamental to explaining world geopolitics. This is why geopolitical analysis must always be associated with an accurate geoeconomic analysis (as well as an in-depth historical analysis) without which the understanding of specific events such as wars, peace treaties, trade agreements, etc. it would be completely partial.


It is therefore clear how the analysis of the economic dynamics of the various geographical and geopolitical contexts is an essential pillar for sublimating the geopolitical analysis itself. It is precisely thanks to these economic dynamics that we can understand the reasons for events that are fundamental for the history of man. Take for example the current conflict in Ukraine. Here the economic reasons for the clash between East and West are very clear and we have tried to outline them in a clear and analytical way ( even if what the media tells us is often very different from reality . Furthermore, it would be childish to believe that wars like the ones underway are the result of chance or the whims of any dictator. Since behind such conflicts there are always rather deep historical and economic causes that recurring propaganda does not give us the opportunity to fully reveal. And which would be too uncomfortable if they were revealed to the general public. The history of the world, moreover, must be seen as a perennial conflict of state powers for wealth, well-being and global supremacy. The control of territories implies the control of their resources (and therefore the control of their economy). Geopolitical analysis cannot ignore the consideration of the economic spring from which the action, diplomatic or otherwise, of every state in the world arises. If he did so, he would arrive at partial and, moreover, misleading conclusions.


It was right to focus on a fundamental aspect for any “valuable” geopolitical analysis. And although this may appear to be a clear and obvious aspect, today it still seems like a “rare commodity”. Since what we often read seems to take absolutely no account of what is written above. On the other hand, it is increasingly difficult to find quality analyzes relating to the current geopolitical and geoeconomic dynamics. We live in complex and problematic times also by virtue of the ongoing global conflict between the still hegemonic West and the aspiring East. The truth is the greatest enemy of the apparatus of power in historical phases like the one we are experiencing. And he very often turns out to be the first illustrious victim in such circumstances. This is why we must fight so that it can survive and not be polluted by propaganda and lies. And so that it can arrive at a definition of the causes and consequences of the “geopolitical event” so as to be able to clearly define its contours and clearly reveal its substance.

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