The international geopolitical situation is increasingly grim. And it’s not as they tell us

The international geopolitical situation is becoming more and more worrying and the news coming from the various geopolitical stages of the world is increasingly alarming. Are we really at the dawn of a world war with unpredictable developments? It is difficult to definitively answer such a question. But it is entirely probable that this will happen and that the world will soon be plunged into a war catastrophe with completely unpredictable developments and consequences. On the other hand, it is undeniable that our predictions, made not long ago, regarding total war in Ukraine are promptly coming true. How the “Napoleonic” scenario of today’s “Western” campaign against Russia is coming true. Far from appearing defeated, Moscow is resisting the impact of the enemy’s military force and has begun a war of attrition of the opposing army which has prevented the latter from taking steps forward (despite the continuous proclamations about the imminent Ukrainian counter-offensive). . The drones over the Kremlin also say a lot about the real state of the art of the war situation. The impression is that such a crime is the consequence of the frustration of the Western elites regarding a war which, it is understood, not only will not lead to the economic collapse of Moscow but will not even succeed in reducing Russia’s military potential. Meanwhile the war continues with its terrible costs. The Ukrainian army must be continuously replenished in men and vehicles and all this has a monstrous cost. Informal sources speak of 15,000 losses (between dead and wounded) in the ranks of the Kiev army in the last month of April alone. And they also speak of an increase in Russian bombing of the latter’s logistics. In particular, the rear areas through which supplies reach the front line seem to be relentlessly hit. All in the “framework” of mainstream information that warns us every day of Kiev’s “infamous” counter-offensive. Needless to say, we notice an ever-increasing disconnect between reality and media propaganda which, once again, casts shadows on the real situation on the ground and on NATO’s actual ability to defeat the Russian army in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the increase in military aid from the West imposes increasingly greater costs which, inevitably, will soon have an impact on public finances (those of Western countries) which are already in trouble. Time is working against the West. Even considering the possible opening of other war fronts in Africa and Asia which could further challenge us from a military point of view. Time is against the West and Washington and London know it very well. Could this be why we got to the point of sending drones to the Kremlin? Extreme and dangerous acts like these make us understand how dramatic the situation on the Ukrainian front is for the West. And how evidently there is no way out.
At the same time, what is happening in Sudan? Since the news was released (complete with photos) of the release of former president Omar Al Bashir (enemy of the West and wanted by the international criminal court), there has been complete silence on the events of the African country. all this makes it easy to understand how things are getting bad in Khartoum and that, in all likelihood, the pro-Russian factions are prevailing (among other things, Moscow has not closed the embassy in the country and was not forced, unlike Western countries, to withdraw their diplomatic personnel from the country). Which says a lot about the Kremlin’s ability to act militarily in its areas of influence even during the Ukrainian conflict. But since the Western establishment doesn’t like all this, it’s better not to talk about it and not show your public opinion that things are not going well at all. And if the military situation appears critical on all war fronts, the economic situation is no better, despite mainstream information providing us with data that speak of slight growth and rosy prospects for the future. We still have to understand how there can be economic growth in a historical phase like the one we are experiencing. The level to which central banks have raised the cost of money, the closure of the Russian market to Western companies, the costs of raw materials – agricultural and mining – generally high, rampant inflation (due to the increased cost of raw materials but even more so due to the immense quantity of money printed and put into circulation by Western central banks) for us they are incompatible with a scenario of economic growth. But the media tells us the opposite and, honestly, we don’t understand how this is possible. It is obvious that they also lie about this and that they are engaged in a colossal work of disinformation in order to safeguard the “home front” and prevent protest movements that could lead to generalized unrest and riots.
 Given the level and quality of mainstream information (as well as the directives it receives, evidently, from the political summit) it is clear that it is today extremely difficult to understand what the real international geopolitical situation is. We live in a world at war and the game being played is also media (as well as war). What is certain is that the first victim of such circumstances is precisely the truth. That truth which is often inconvenient for the parties in conflict and which can arouse disdain and indignation. That truth that is best hidden when things take a turn that does not meet expectations. And which must often be hidden from the vast majority of the population. So that the causes and developments of the global geopolitical dynamics are not revealed and thus do not reveal the enormous interests that are hidden behind it (and for which, alas, we fight and die).

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