The money factory and the illusion factory

The world we live in is not easy to understand for the common man. That is, for all those people who have a medium-low culture and essentially live within the set of values (or pseudo-values) that the Western establishment incessantly spreads through the media, shaping the way of thinking of millions of people. Which in reality remain unaware of the true, perverse mechanisms that “govern” this part of the world. In particular, we believe it is important to focus on the monetary policies underway in the West and on the role of the central banks (which promote them) also in relation to the performance and control of the stock exchanges of the various Western countries (and in particular those of New York and London which are preponderant, in terms of manipulation and capitalisation, compared to all other financial markets). Which is very important to understand not only how financial markets are manipulated to the advantage of Western political elites (who enrich themselves and prosper by investing in markets that they control and move at will) but also how the mechanism of continuous money printing (essential to avoid the failure of the Western capitalist system based on the continuous issuance of new debt with related interest to pay the old one as it expires) is in fact destroying the value of the currency itself (or what little it still has left) creating an inflationary spiral that will likely assume increasingly alarming dimensions in the coming years with consequent impoverishment of Western societies (and related drastic reduction in the spending capacity of US and European citizens and consequent decline in consumption and productivity throughout the first world) . Far from originating from ongoing geopolitical developments (war in Ukraine and a stop to the West’s imports of many raw materials from Russia) the problem of the devaluation of money (and the consequent increase in the cost of living) has roots that lie in action of Western central banks and in the debt nature of the financial system as it has developed in the West over the last sixty years of world history. Western finance has therefore created a gigantic Ponzi scheme from which it is impossible to escape except with the declaration of bankruptcy of the Western economic-financial system. And since this would have dramatic implications on the standard of living, on the economy and on the geopolitical role of the latter, it is obvious that throughout the West a dramatic process of uncontrolled printing of currencies has been activated in order to avoid and declare a default that is, in fact, there for all to see. The point is that the more supply there is of anything, the more its value decreases. And money is no exception to the law of the market. Therefore the continuous and uncontrolled printing of currency necessary for the survival of the Western financial system causes, as a consequence, a corresponding loss of value of the money itself. This means that more and more money is needed to purchase any type of good and, considering that this does not correspond to an adequate increase in wages, the result is a progressive impoverishment of consumers. This dynamic has already been underway for several years but, also due to the ongoing world war (and related costs), it is undergoing a dramatic acceleration. The common man cannot help but notice a progressive increase in the cost of living which threatens his future and precludes his access to prosperity. We are trying to attenuate this dynamic with the shower of grants of all kinds aimed at avoiding social revolts and supporting consumption, decreeing the arrival of the so-called helicopter money phase (for many the terminal phase of the Western capitalist system) and, since we are faced with experimental practices that represent a shock therapy to a dramatic economic situation, we cannot say how much this will serve to support the economy. Without a shadow of a doubt, these policies will serve to kick the can and move the problems further and further forward in time without actually solving them in a resolute and definitive way. This is the truth’. Even more so today when we are witnessing the need to “support” the internal front and not let it collapse under the pressure of a negative economic spiral that the ongoing world war has contributed to increasing. A big problem for the Western establishment!


Parallel to the action of the money factory is that of the illusion factory. With this term we mean not only mainstream information but also the television product in general which, de facto, is the bearer and spreader of the set of values that the US and British establishments have an interest in spreading. And who, in this particular historical juncture, is particularly committed to spreading confidence in the economy and the Western political and social model. From here come all the forecasts on the future growth of the economies of the old and new world, on the action of central banks (with the increase or cut in the cost of money) on the future of countries like Ukraine (not yet at war concluded) and much more by spreading a vision of the global economic and geopolitical reality that only partially has relevance to reality (and sometimes has no relevance at all). This representation is functional to the apparatuses of power which must convince their public opinion of the goodness of their political (and geopolitical) action and of the superiority of the economy and civilization of the West over the rest of the world. It is obvious that these propaganda organs make no mention of the distorted and fraudulent nature of the actions of central banks. How much their action destroys the value of money and how much this impoverishes the common man (depressing, at the same time, consumption and productivity). On the other hand, they inform us of the progress on the ground of the Ukrainian army (non-existent) in Eastern Europe, of the low possibility of recession and of the “zero point” increases in the GDP of the USA and the EU. All this while we are witnessing a deterioration of the economic situation throughout the West as well as unexpected and less than favorable developments on the global geopolitical stage (as we have had the opportunity to reveal in our recent articles). But it is obvious that from the perspective of the establishment we must not fuel defeatism, we must not foment dissent. And it is not appropriate to tell the truth. For this reason it is much better to ensure that the factory of illusions produces representations of reality that are perfectly functional to the will of the establishment. So as not to allow most people to understand the sad path towards which we have set out. And in such a way that we cannot distinguish between reality and fiction. Between reality and mere illusion.

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