The West in the Middle Eastern trap and the geopolitical myopia of Washington and London

The state of the art of world geopolitics leaves us somewhat astonished and not very hopeful of witnessing developments that could put a stop to the ongoing military escalation. Our vision is supported by recent military developments in Palestine which reveal a radicalization of the clash between the two opposing blocs as well as a truly impressive geopolitical shortsightedness on the part of the West. In fact, it wasn’t enough to have slipped into the Ukrainian trap. Now Washington and London have also entered the Middle Eastern trap. With all the sad consequences that this will have on the financial structure and economic solidity of Europe and the United States of America. Of course, we will not see these effects tomorrow but they will not be long in coming considering that the war challenges just undertaken cannot be won since, as it seems, Moscow is committed to providing latest generation technology to its allies in the Middle East. In fact, it has recently become known that the Shiite Hezbollah movement has received latest generation anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems from the Russians and that PMC Wagner troops are already actively engaged in the field in southern Lebanon. Wagner units would also be deployed in Gaza and this explains the exceptional resistance that Hamas is opposing to the Israeli troops who have entered the strip. Which suggests an exhausting, long-lasting and very costly conflict from an economic point of view. The situation of blockade of Israeli merchant ships by the pro-Iranian Yemeni rebels is in fact creating another economic problem of no small importance for Tel Aviv. If the threat is not removed (which would require the direct intervention of Western troops in Yemen with uncertain results given the failure of the Saudi-Western mission already undertaken in past years) the ships headed to Israel from the East will be forced to circumnavigate Africa with a notable increase in the cost of transporting goods. And, therefore, with a direct impact on the finances of the Israeli state. Which, needless to say, the West will have to provide with more currency printing and the issuance of further debt. In summary, in the vision of Moscow and Beijing, the ongoing conflicts, without military solution, are the most functional to the geopolitical aims of the two former red giants and, by showing themselves convinced of being able to win militarily, the Anglo-Saxon empire has fallen into a trap deadly from which it will be impossible to escape except a historic humiliation on the battlefield.


From the video documents that we have the opportunity to view every day it seems completely clear that the situation of the Israeli army inside Gaza is quite problematic and, presumably, without an outcome. On the other hand, many had dissuaded the Israeli political leadership from such an undertaking but this was not enough to stop the dynamics of events.The situation is all the more serious if we consider that it is not Hamas in Gaza (whose task is to lure the IDF into an exhausting guerrilla war among the rubble of the city and to make the Israeli army pay a cost very high in terms of human lives and material damage) the real geopolitical problem of Israel. In fact, the real threat appears to be Assad’s Syria and the Shiite Hezbollah movement in southern Lebanon. This is not only for the reasons stated above but also because they can be constantly supplied with weapons and ammunition and because they enjoy the direct protection of the Russian army stationed in the region. An expanded war scenario would cause a situation with unpredictable consequences and perhaps the direct involvement of Iran in the conflict. Even the uneven nature of the possible theaters of war would not help in the event of an Israeli invasion of Lebanon or Syria and, in all likelihood, would bog down the IDF in a situation very similar to that of 2006 (the year of the last Israeli war- Palestinian). Which, in our opinion, leaves Tel Aviv little room for maneuver. All this does not exclude that the Israeli political leadership decides on this last option, effectively throwing the Jewish country and the entire West into an impossible mission that will inevitably wear down its power and vigor. In this way playing into the hands of Moscow and Beijing which would open up a new major crisis within the Western world. And that they would undertake to militarily supply their allies in the region to bleed any Western army set up in the Middle East. The same scenario has already been applied in Ukraine where Moscow’s war of exhaustion of Western armies continues unabated. “Three Western armies have already been destroyed in Ukraine and the annihilation of the fourth is underway,” a well-known US military official recently stated. Of course, nothing prevents Washington and London from establishing a fifth, a sixth and more. But what would be the purpose of it? Is there still hope of exhausting Russia’s military potential? An entire contingent of special troops appears to be arriving from North Korea to take part in the Ukrainian conflict alongside the Russian army. How can you hope to win in such a geopolitical and war scenario? How can we not understand that further military and economic efforts by the West will produce nothing other than the bleeding of the West itself? The Western political leadership should take note of the epochal changes taking place in the world and understand that the exceptionalism of which it feels it is the embodiment exists only in the heads of those who are not yet resigned to historical evolution. It would be appropriate for this to be taken into account immediately. Before they lead us to the economic and geopolitical disaster of which, in truth, the traces are already all too evident.

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