The total war in Ukraine and the West’s miscalculation

The news coming from the Ukrainian front is truly impressive and although it remains difficult to decipher its reliability and truthfulness, it still gives us the impression that the ongoing conflict between Russia and the West, far from finding a peaceful solution, is becoming more extreme more and more’. And all this does not bode well. Also because, in light of these developments, it appears clear that the Western political leadership is not resigned to a defeat in the field and is making matters worse with supplies, in men and equipment, in Kiev in order to avoid the collapse of the army Ukrainian. There has also recently been talk of sending a contingent of mercenaries (obviously carefully trained by the armies of NATO countries) in response to the frightening losses suffered by the Kiev army which now seems reduced to a fraction. On the Russian side there has been talk of the training of an international contingent made up of mercenaries (trained by Moscow and Beijing) from North Korea and beyond (also volunteers from Syria, Iran and even African countries close to Moscow are about to fight in Donbass) ready to intervene in Ukraine alongside PMC Wagner and the Russian army. Will it be total war? Everything indicates that we are going in this (sad) direction.


Before February 24, 2022, Western political and financial elites were rubbing their hands in the face of war events that they knew would soon take place in Eastern Europe. They were convinced that the already planned sanctions as well as the complex of economic retaliations against Russia would have decreed its economic collapse. In fact, the economic measures imposed on Moscow represent something formidable and never seen in history. The freezing of dollar currency reserves held by Western countries, the exclusion from the Swift system, the mass withdrawal of Western companies from all Russian territory should have created internal panic in today’s Russia, the collapse of the value of the ruble and a financial collapse comparable to that of the late 1980s. But all this did not happen. The Russian economy proved to be incredibly strong and resilient to the point that it did not even envisage a real recession. It is obvious that the Russian establishment had prepared in advance for the situation that then emerged in February 2022 and had taken all the necessary measures. And this has literally shocked the West which now finds itself unable to “land” Russia economically and achieve its surrender without the use of weapons. All this also as a consequence of the rapprochement between Moscow and Riyadh which has made it impossible (as recently demonstrated by the agreement to cut oil output within OPEC+ which prevented a drop in crude oil prices in view of the recession future) a collapse in the price of oil in the wake of the prospects of a global economic recession (with consequent reduction in hydrocarbon consumption) following the increase in the cost of money rates by Western central banks. In summary, all the economic tricks and manipulations of the raw materials market today appear completely impossible given the closeness of the Persian Gulf monarchies to the Sino-Russian axis and all the consequences that it entails. Hence the West’s obstinacy in redoubling its military efforts to bend Russia militarily. To exhaust her, to exhaust her in a continuous clash that tears her apart irremediably. And this is where history comes in. That story that today the Western establishment does not want to read, does not want to understand. Russia has always exhausted its adversaries and has never been militarily exhausted (read, in this regard, the following article: we see no conditions that would make us believe that this time is different. On the contrary. Informal sources report that the Russian military industrial apparatus is working at full speed to support Moscow’s victory over Kiev and that Beijing is convincingly supporting the Kremlin’s war effort. Did they want to exhaust themselves and will they be exhausted? Well that’s how it went for Hitler and Napoleon. We don’t believe that this time it can go differently.


The “dimension” of the Ukrainian war is taking on impressive characteristics. With a mobilization of forces that recalls, in many respects, that of the Second World War. Neither of the two contenders can afford a defeat since it is above all in this war that the fate of the “world power” will be decided. The economic and geopolitical importance of Ukraine is fundamental both for the Western and Eastern bloc (read, in this regard, the following article At stake are enormous interests and the control of vital resources for both sides. This is why the West is insisting on this game. But he risks ending up like the one who, having accidentally fallen into quicksand, writhes, shakes and tries ever harder to get out of it. But the more he moves and paws the more he ends up inside it to the point of being completely sucked in. On the other hand, how can we interpret the Ukrainian war if not a great trap for the West (into which it fell due to too much boldness and arrogance)? How can Washington and Brussels think they can win the war against the nation with the most advanced military technology in the world? And which has deadly weapons (the very modern hypersonic missiles) against which we don’t even have the possibility of defending ourselves? Million dollar question. Even considering that the West still does not have such weapons because it is significantly behind in the development of this technology. Honestly, we remain speechless in the face of the geopolitical aims of a total war which seems more like a desperation move by Western chancelleries than a conflict dictated by specific geopolitical purposes.

The total war in Ukraine is nothing but the result of a total radicalization of the conflict. All this involves an increasingly greater mobilization of human and material resources on the part of both contenders. The West, in particular, is engaging in this conflict in a frenzied way and shows no willingness to negotiate with the other side. It is curious that in Washington and Brussels they do not understand that they are “bogged down in quicksand” and that they have no chance of winning on the field. And that they are throwing such a quantity of resources into the Ukrainian black hole that it will impoverish and condemn the future of the entire West. How much time will pass before the defeat appears in all its starkness before the eyes of those who wanted this undertaking? Let’s hope not much. Otherwise, in all likelihood, nothing will remain of the West but dust.

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