War propaganda and the war in Ukraine

It is truly curious to have to talk about matters such as the ruling of the International Court of Justice but the question is so curious that we feel like saying a few words about it. First of all because it is, in our opinion, non-news. And in truth we shouldn’t even talk about it since it is an expression of the crudest war propaganda. To be clear, it is as if an English court had issued an arrest warrant against Napoleon before the Russian campaign. It would have been an admirable action but we still had to go and get him. Where? In Paris, probably. But he was not included in the faculties of either the English judiciary or “His Majesty’s Army”. What sense, then, would such an action have had? Nobody, evidently. Just as an arrest warrant from a court paid for by the West to blame an enemy of the West makes no sense. An enemy that, among other things, we should go and get. Where ? In Moscow, probably. Does all this fall within the faculties of the international court (and the West)? No, certainly. So what’s the point of such a move. Nobody. It is just the umpteenth staging of the propaganda machine of Western governments which, no longer knowing what to do in the theater of war (since things are going from bad to worse in Kiev), is playing one of the last jokers of the war propaganda. The conviction and capture of the war criminal Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. But how are we going to get the last Tsar of all the Russias? Who will be the first to arrive in Moscow to perform the noble deed? We would have to set up a cinematographic set of those that Hollywood does very well and give life to a film that we could name: “Hunt for the last Tsar of all the Russias”. It would really be funny. The fact is that, no more jokes, we have arrived at a ridiculousness that couldn’t be more ridiculous. And when we fall so low, even at a propaganda level, it means that we are truly reduced to nothing. On the other hand, the people must continue not to understand. He must be convinced that our bitter enemy is now on the ropes and hunted down mercilessly. In a while we will go to the Kremlin, forcibly take him from his chair and bring him to trial in the West and sentence him to what he deserves. What movie was it? Ah yes, “hunt for the last Tsar of all the Russias”. 


I know that joking about things of this magnitude is not a good thing. But these are things that really make you laugh. And you have to take them for their comedy. On the other hand, the game being played is not a secondary one. The role of the various internal fronts is fundamental for every belligerent state. And we need to make people believe that what we are doing has a meaning, a reason. And that there are tangible results on the field. Even if they aren’t there at all. Reality is transformed and manipulated in a sensational way so that every information is to the advantage of those who provide it. Shouldn’t Putin, for example, have been dead from cancer a long time ago? And didn’t Russia run out of missiles so that it could no longer attack Ukraine? Of course not. But we need to convince the people that, in any case, we will win. In recent days the news of Putin’s arrest warrant. Even if, as already said, in truth it is not news. News like these serve to strengthen the belief that the Russian leader is close to the “end of the line”. But they have a purely propaganda value and generally news like this have no relevance to reality. In the meantime, the drama of the war and its progress are hidden, which, based on the information we have, is taking a truly worrying turn for Kiev and Washington. The Ukrainian army counts hundreds of casualties every day and the material destruction along the front line is simply appalling. But the tactics of the Ukrainian government and Washington are always the same. Send material and human reinforcements to Ukraine in continuous waves. So as not to allow the Russians to advance deeply towards the western part of the country. In Moscow, on the other hand, they are in no hurry to break through in the direction of the Dnieper. They currently aim to wear down and exhaust the Western-provided Ukrainian military potential. To exhaust the West economically so that it becomes increasingly bogged down in the Ukrainian “moat”. Moscow’s war tactics have been the same for centuries. All this, for obvious reasons, does not leak into mainstream information and it is not said that this war, in all likelihood, cannot be won. Every day we talk about new weapons for Ukraine, about the cost of the war for Putin, about how Russia is in economic and social difficulties. But things aren’t like that at all. And the credibility of mainstream information is zero. Because it is the main means of propaganda and serves to prevent the internal front from collapsing and the people’s trust in the strength and “goodness” of their governments’ actions.


From what is written above it can be seen how reality is often hidden or transfigured by war propaganda. Often to the point of being completely opposite to what we are told. The war in Ukraine is no exception and indeed, given the game at stake, in this war the propaganda is more “unleashed” than ever. Because if it is true that the ongoing war represents the first hegemonic attempt by China (and Russia) on the international geopolitical stage to overthrow the world order still in force, it is obvious that the extent of the stakes for the two contenders (the east on one side and the west on the other) is truly enormous. So enormous that it caused real confusion on both sides. The West thought it could bring down Russia in the blink of an eye with economic sanctions and a block on the export of Russian raw materials to Europe. Russia believed it could conquer Ukraine with a blitzkrieg which, in fact, proved impossible given the level of preparation and supply of the Ukrainian army (which the West provided, obviously). So, once it has been established that the omelette cannot be transformed back into eggs, war propaganda comes into play to sweeten the bitter reality. It’s always been like this. We don’t see the reason why today should be different. It’s up to us to understand the boundaries between reality and propaganda. But, very often, for most it turns out to be impossible.

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