The end of Hitler and the last mission of U-234


An unresolved question of traditional historiography is what became of Hitler after the end of the Second World War. The official version, however not supported by irrefutable evidence, claims that the Fuhrer committed suicide in Berlin on 30 April 1945. This thesis had various elements in support. First of all the remains of a charred body found in the garden of the Chancellery Bunker whose remains, according to the Russians (the first to enter the bunker area at the end of April 1945), were precisely those of Adolf Hitler. In truth, the Russians changed their version several times. They even claimed, for a time, that the Fuhrer had managed to escape to Spain in the final days of the Second World War. But in the end they asserted that, thanks to the analysis of the dental prostheses made by his trusted dentist (who recognized them and maintained that it was irrefutably the body of the German dictator) they found Hitler’s body. For years this version was accredited as the official truth and considered as such, but in the 90s of the 20th century, simply shocking news arrived from Moscow (no longer the capital of the USSR, which had now dissolved, but of the newly formed Russian Federation). The skull with the bullet hole believed to have been Hitler’s was actually the skull of a woman between the ages of twenty and thirty. All this caused alternative theories regarding the Fuhrer’s death to resurface. Even considering that the versions given by his close collaborators, who said they had seen his body immediately after the suicide (in particular Otto Gunsche, his bodyguard, and Artur Axmann, head of the Hitler Youth, who were the first to enter the room Hitler’s staff inside the Chancellery Bunker noting the death of the German statesman and Eva Braun), may have been provided on purpose, precisely to facilitate and conceal a possible escape of the Fuhrer. But how would Hitler have managed to escape, in April 1945, from a Berlin completely surrounded by the Red Army and under the full aerial control of the Anglo-American air force? Million dollar question. What is certain is that if this happened it certainly happened with the complicity of the allies or at least some of them. Let’s try to understand what we mean by these statements.


After the Second World War there were many reports of sightings of Hitler and well-known exponents of the National Socialist regime in Latin America. In particular in Brazil and Argentina. Especially in the latter country the presence of fugitives from the Wehrmacht and the National Socialist Party was very strong also considering the pro-Nazi position of Buenos Aires during the Second World War. There are credible reports of sightings of Hitler and Eva Braun during the 1950s in a location at the foot of the Andes in Argentina, as well as Martin Bormann, Mengele and other prominent figures of the National Socialist regime. Hitler’s survival at the end of the Second World War is certainly credible considering that his body was never found. And also considering the military technology that the highly advanced German scientific research had placed in his hands. We are not talking about small things. But projects (many of which were actually completed by April 1945) were very advanced and unique in the world. Both the Russians and the Americans were eager to get their hands, as soon as possible, on the German ballistic missiles (V2), on the German atomic technology (much more advanced than Western technology), on the very modern and impregnable German jet planes (ME 262 ), on the technology of anti-gravity vehicles (V7), on that of depleted uranium projectiles and much more. Although incapable of countering the gigantic enemy armies in the field, little Germany, between the end of 1944 and the beginning of 1945, developed a series of technological jewels in the hope of being able to reverse the course of the war events which condemned it to a total defeat on the field. Reliable testimonies inform us that in this period Berlin was actively experimenting with atomic weapons and that it actually managed to create and test a nuclear device (the so-called explosion bomb according to the “Teutonic” denomination). In this regard, the testimonies of the Italian Luigi Romersa (who witnessed an atomic test on the island of Rugen in October 1944) and those of several inhabitants of Thuringia who in March 1945 witnessed a bomb test are very interesting exceptionally powerful which produced “a tree-shaped explosion”.


From what has been written so far it is clear that the official version on Hitler’s death and the creation of the atomic bomb by Oppenaimher’s team was probably artfully assembled by a biased historiography and written by the winners of the Second World War. Was the U-234 (and its priceless cargo of military technology) the basis of a pact between the German and Western political leadership? Or better. Was German military technology traded in exchange for the safety of the Fuhrer and part of his entourage? It is likely that this question will never be able to be answered definitively. But the hypothesis is historically plausible. Considering the geopolitical and geostrategic implications that the possession of German military technology would have entailed on the war and post-war scenario of the time. Whoever came into possession of it would have had the ability to develop revolutionary military technologies and acquire a truly formidable competitive advantage, in geostrategic terms. If the U-234 had managed to deliver, as originally planned, her cargo to Japan during 1945, it is to be believed that the evolution of war events in the Pacific could have been very different from what we know. . Not only because, according to our reconstruction, the USA would not have been able to build the atomic bomb (which probably would have been built by the Japanese instead) but also because the jets that would have been developed by the Land of the Rising Sun on the ME-262 model they would have made the strategy of kamikaze attacks much more lethal than it was with the Japanese Zero fighters (too slow and easily neutralized by the US navy). Which would have made the human and material cost of the war probably unsustainable for the Western coalition. Which, moreover, would not have been able to counter the missile threat of the V2s which, once mass-produced, would have caused havoc in the main US naval bases in the Pacific Ocean.


The end of Hitler and the last mission of the U-234 therefore seem to be two events related to each other and the enormous importance of the load of the German submarine would justify the thesis of an exchange between the German and Anglo-Saxon political leaders. The safety of the Fuhrer in exchange for the secrets of German military technology (at the time the most advanced in the world) with all the war and geostrategic consequences that this entailed on the eastern theater of war (where the war was still being fought against a whose insular nature made an invasion of the Rising Sun an operation with enormous human and material costs) as well as on the geostrategic structure that took shape after the end of the war. The hypothesis is completely credible and plausible considering, as mentioned, the importance of German military technology of the time. Military technology that even Stalin was eager to get his hands on. Upon arrival in Peenemunde the Russians seized a V2 and the plans for the construction of the V5 (multi-stage V2 missiles with which the Germans would have bombed New York and the cities of the east coast of the United States if the hostilities had not ended in May 1945). This launched the Soviet space project which enjoyed great success in the 1950s. From all this it can be seen that the game for the acquisition of German military technology was ruthlessly fought, still during the Second World War, between the USA and the USSR (formally allies against Japan and Germany). And how this match could have ended with a secret agreement that guaranteed Hitler’s safety in exchange for the cream of National Socialist Germany’s atomic and military technology.

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