Washington, we have a problem…….


Two years after the start of hostilities in Ukraine it appears increasingly clear that the West’s attempt to annihilate Russia with brute force (the force of arms) has not had a positive outcome. The drama of the war circumstances is revealed by countless video documents that show us, every day, how the war in Ukraine has become a real massacre comparable, in terms of combat methods and extent of losses, to the First World War. Which requires that these resources must be constantly replaced with a level of costs that is difficult to even imagine. The request to further increase military assistance to Kiev, recently developed in Europe, makes us reflect on the nature and real aims of this conflict (which must be inserted into a broader context of world war for the hegemony between the Anglo-Saxon empire and the Sino-Russian bloc). Which we have tried to clarify, ad nauseam, on this blog. The truth is that Moscow is not only holding its own against a global coalition made up of over 40 states in the world but is also winning the war by exhausting what remains of the various NATO-Ukrainian armies set up over the past two years. It is winning the technological challenge since its military technology has proven, in the field, to be superior to that of Western countries (which is very serious for Washington and London if we consider the budget made available for defence). Moscow’s methods of conducting the war are reminiscent of the strategies already implemented by the Russian army in other historical circumstances. The war of attrition and attrition, associated with the particular climatic-environmental conditions of the Sarmatian plains, is effectively exhausting what remains of the opposing army. The geopolitical and geostrategic vision of the West (DIVIDE AND CONQUER, GEOPOLITICS OF THE WEST (geopolitika.it)) is starting to creak and a defeat in Ukraine would truly render the West powerless against the new geopolitical realities that are advancing. Also because doubling or tripling the effort to defeat Russia on the field would only bog down the West in the quicksand of Eastern Europe and accelerate the implosion of the economic-financial system which is already in fact totally bankrupt. Furthermore, from an exquisitely geostrategic point of view, this situation would unbalance the military effort of the Anglo-Saxon empire in Europe, leaving the Far Eastern chessboard exposed where it would be impossible for it to face Beijing in a military confrontation that appears imminent and in fact inevitable.


The developments in the military situation place, without a shadow of a doubt, the West in a very delicate situation. And they threaten the solidity of the geopolitical and geostrategic vision of Washington and London, faced with existential challenges. Because the maintenance of the economic and military hegemony that the Anglo-Saxon empire has boasted over the entire world for half a millennium depends on the ongoing confrontation. But it is obvious that if the war in Eastern Europe is fundamental in the Anglo-Saxon geopolitical and geostrategic vision (to prevent a rapprochement between Moscow and Brussels and to contain the economic and military expansion of the Eurasian giant) we believe it is unlikely that the West will give up the takeover of Ukraine. Which will only push him further and further into the death trap that this conflict represents. Without there being the slightest hope of victory on the field. And without the Western establishment understanding that by doing so it plays into the hands of Beijing which has every interest in making the West exhaust itself in the “Russian mill”. Nothing more functional to Chinese geopolitical and geostrategic interests, while in the West we are still discussing how it is possible to defeat Putin militarily and bring Russia back into the Anglo-Saxon-led world order and thus making it a vassal of the Anglo-Saxon empire, to be channeled into the war against Beijing (of which it is now an ally). Empty and purely instrumental discussion because NATO troops have been present on Ukrainian territory since the beginning of the hostilities (as well documented by many videos shot in the theater of war) under cover (i.e. in Ukrainian uniform). Sending soldiers in NATO uniforms would change nothing. It would only make the NATO-Russia war official with the very potential consequences that we all know.


Faced with these prospects, we hope that someone will turn to Anglo-Saxon political leadership and complain: Washington, we have a problem! Asking for an account of the real considerations of the Anglo-Saxon establishment as a result of the situation on the ground in Ukraine. Will Washington and London throw themselves headlong into the fray and therefore into total geopolitical and geostrategic suicide? And how will they respond to the asymmetric, military and economic wars waged by Moscow and Beijing in the Red Sea, in Africa and in Asia? Who will bear the brunt of confrontation with the Chinese army in the future war with Taiwan? Do we hope that local vassals can do it and that South Korea, Japan and the Philippines would then go to war against the Dragon for Taiwan? How will we deal with the practically certain economic recession in the coming real economy? Will the establishment increasingly focus on the virtual one (i.e. on the financial markets that no longer have any connection with the economic underlying of which they should be the reflection) creating a financial bubble never seen in the history of humanity? Will central banks be able to lower the cost of money to boost some economic growth in the context of the ongoing economic and commercial war (THE CHALLENGE TO THE WEST IN THE RED SEA (geopolitika.it))? Will the energy transition really give the desired results and make us free from Russian and Persian Gulf hydrocarbons? Questions to which it is good that we begin to answer. Because the future of the West as a whole depends on their response.

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